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Music Therapy in East London

Inner Echo Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a registered title and profession in the UK. I am an experienced HCPC registered music therapist providing sessions in Enfield, North London. In Music Therapy the client is encouraged to actively play on an a musical instrument. A wide range of musical instruments are on offer which anyone can make interesting sounds on. No prior musical knowledge or expertise is necessary as Music Therapy is based on the notion that every person has an inborn musicality which simply needs to be tapped into. Therefore each client will play the drum with his or her own personal sense of rhythm, or vocalize and speak in a particular way that represents them. The therapist  listens very carefully to every sound and responds to the client with his own music. A therapeutic relationship begins to take shape as the client realizes he/she is being listened to and their sounds are shaping the interactions in the therapy room. The musical relationship is particular to every client and tells a personal story from the past. The client and the therapist explore this story and ask questions (verbally or musically) to  The music in therapy may expose debilitating narratives from the past and relationships that can be revisited, revived and then resolved and rectified in the present time. Music is evocative and yet friendly in assisting this emotional process where words may struggle to describe feelings.   


Who can benefit from Music Therapy?

Any child or adult who:

♪ wishes to explore and understand their personality

♪ experiences distress, anxiety or depression 

♪ suffered a brain injury or cognitive dysfunction such as memory loss

♪  has been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder

♪ has been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD 

♪ suffered traumatic experiences

♪ has learning difficulties/disabilities