Music Therapy or music lessons?

If someone wishes to learn how to play a musical instrument; if you want to develop your musical skills and theoretical understanding - then you are looking for Music Lessons.


If someone is going through personal difficulties; emotional turbulence; finding it hard to cope with everyday life and relationships; if a child or an adult needs to find ways to deal with a diagnosis (such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder); or coming to terms with a condition - then they are looking for Music Therapy sessions. 


Music Therapy and Music Lessons, both situated in my private studio and practice in Hackney, n16, East london, may overlap in that they both engage live music, and music by its mere attributes is therapeutic. For example, a song played during a lesson may induce memories and feelings in a person. In contrast, In Music Therapy a person may develop the skill and proficiency on a musical instrument simply as a result of a regular use of the instrument. 

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